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The Team

Jonathan Hacker

CEO, founder, and owner of NeurGear

I’m a dual major in Biomedical Engineering (BME) and School Of Individualized Study (SOIS) with a focus on neurotechnology over at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). My… well let’s be honest, obsession going back close to 8 years has been preparing, researching, and planning for what we’re doing in NeurGear. Otherwise, I do indulge in a bit of manga or games when I can. My original specialty could be considered research, but I’ve started branching out into the more business and management aspect of things in preparation for our launch, that doesn’t mean that I don’t still do research though! I’m excited to be solely focusing on NeurGear for this, and hope to realize the vision!

Andrew Slegaitis

Biomedical Engineer

I am a biomedical engineering student at Rochester institute of technology. I provide a perspective to the company that focuses on the science and the safety behind our device. In my free time I spend time gaming as well as doing outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. I have become interested in neurotechnology because I find that we use our brains everyday and we still are missing so much information on all the Intricacies of it and to be a part of something that is enhancing our brain’s abilities is very exciting.

Berke Ozyildiz

Chief Marketing Officer

I am the Chief Marketing Officer of NeurGear. I graduated with an Economics degree from Instanbul University in 2021, but my interests also span design and neurotechnology. I’ve previously worked with various companies on their brands, leading creative sessions for their projects. As a BCI community manager, I’m excited to further my neurotechnological passion at NeurGear.

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We are proud to introduce ZenBud as a cutting-edge innovation developed under the umbrella of NeurGear.

Leveraging NeurGear’s deep expertise in bioengineering solutions, ZenBud brings to life an unprecedented technology in the form of an ultrasound auricular vagus nerve stimulator.